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Steel Action. With attention to detail.

Steel Action. With attention to detail.

Welcome to Steel Action GmbH – your trusted partner for high-quality firearms! Based in the heart of Germany, we take pride in offering an impressive range of rifles and other firearms for hunting and sports shooting enthusiasts.

Craftsmanship developed over millennia also finds its place in modern society. New hunting challenges demand thoughtful hunting strategies, which in turn require the best tools. Excellent equipment does not exclude traditional values and materials. The straight-pull bolt-action rifles from Steel Action offer contemporary, modern technology crafted from wood and steel.

If you have any questions or inquiries, our dedicated team is at your disposal. Thank you for your interest in Steel Action GmbH – where precision and passion converge.

Our Steel-Action HS and HM models

The Steel Action HS and HM models (Hunting Short and Hunting Medium) are modern hunting firearms that combine robust steel construction, rotary bolt, and straight-pull technology.

All system components are made of high-strength steel with a nitrocarburized surface, making them wear- and corrosion-resistant. The system housing, with an integrated Picatinny rail and a barrel firmly screwed into the system, guarantees high precision. The simply designed bolt can be toollessly disassembled for cleaning and lubrication. Our steel magazine is double-rowed, allowing for quick changes and top-loading.

Learn more about our models and become part of a world where precision and passion come together!

Our highlights at a glance


The walnut wood stock with a straight comb and steep pistol grip allows for comfortable shouldering and accurate shooting.
Beyond the standard wood class 1, you can choose from three additional stock wood classes to find your personal favorite.


The standard M15-1 thread at the muzzle end is designed to accommodate a muzzle brake or suppressor.
A thread protection cap is included in the delivery.


The comfortable, smooth manual cocking, combined with the robust 3-lug rotary bolt with
exceptionally smooth lock-up, allows for secure and quick handling, as well as shot release.


The trigger, adjustable from 500 to 2500 grams, provides the shooter with the option
to fine-tune the trigger weight according to their preferences.


A push-button removable steel magazine
accommodates five or four (Magnum) cartridges.


The Steel-Action system housing, equipped with a standard Picatinny rail
made of high-strength steel, allows for the use of various mounts.